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Dec 2014 - ISS contributes to a new book on firearms instruction

ISS was recently asked to submit a piece about some of its research into human learning science and performance training on tactical skills for inclusion into professional shooter Mike Seeklander's newest book.  As not only one of the top ranked competitive shooters in the world, but also as a Marine combat veteran and former police officer who has been a senior or lead instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the US Air Marshalls, the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma and who currently owns and operates Shooting Performance, Mike is truly one of the best in the business.  We are honored to have been asked to contribute to this book, which is an excellent resource for any instructor, whether in the tactical/firearms realm or not.  The Art of Instruction is available here.

March 2016 - ISS publishes a new book on tactical training design

ISS Owner Dustin Salomon completed and published a new book on applying neuroscience research to tactical training design in March of 2016.  The first book of its kind, Building Shooters applies brain science research to designing and delivering firearms and tactical training.  The book addresses many of the challenges facing today's law enforcement officers, police and military trainers and private citizens interested in improving their self-defense capability.  Building Shooters is available in paperback and on Kindle.  It can be purchased here.

July 2016 - Dustin Salomon Interviewed on The American Warrior Show

ISS Owner Dustin Salomon was interviewed by Mike Seeklander in July on The American Warrior Show, official podcast of the American Warrior Society.  The interview is based on our book, Building Shooters, released earlier this year. Dustin talks about what led him into conducting this research, the brain science behind how people learn, and how this applies to both instructors and students of firearms and tactical skills.  This free podcast is available here.
Oct 2017 - ISS publishes a new book on mentorship and firearms safety

ISS Owner Dustin Salomon completed and published a new book, Mentoring Shooters, on mentoring new shooters and firearms safety in October of 2017.  The book addresses a new model for firearms safety as well as how to apply the brain-science research and training methodology in his previous book Building Shooters to mentoring settings. Mentoring shooters is available in paperback. It can be purchased here.